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Music by Steve Dorff,

Lyrics by John Bettis

WEA Mfg., First Lunch Album Company (F.L.A.C.-1001):

Brian Stokes Mitchell:

I had done a production of a new musical called "Lunch" at the Cherry county playhouse that was written by Steve Dorff (music),  John Bettis (Lyrics) and Rick Hawkins (Book). Steve asked if I would like to recreate my performance on a "concept album" they were doing with a number of different people - Carol Burnett, Melissa Manchester, Faith Prince...  How could I say no?

I sing on 3 different cuts on this album:  The first is "Requiem for a Lightweight" with Mark Morales and Diane Delano.  The three of us played construction workers vying for the same foreman job.  The next cut I appear on is on "Skyline", which was recorded with Kim Carnes and B.J. Thomas, although through the magic of recording we were never in the same room (or state for that matter).  They recorded their tracks first, and since I was in NYC doing "Kiss..." Steven came out recorded my lines at the Hit Factory.

The last track, "A Man Like Me", was an idea of Steve's, especially since he knew I did a lot of character voice-overs. The "wacky" guy is me.