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"A Day in Falsettoland"

"The Baseball Game"

"Canceling the Bar Mitzvah"

"Everyone Hates His Parents"

"Holding to the Ground" -- clip 1

"Holding to the Ground" -- clip 2

"Year of the Child"

A Leap of Faith

"Some People"

"On the Other Side of the Tracks"

"The Hard Way"

"Sweet Kentucky Ham"

"I Always Say Hello to a Flower"

"Hurry! It's Lovely Up Here!"

"What Did I Have that I Don't Have?"

"The Man with a Horn"

"If I Were A Bell"

"Is It a Crime?"

"Wish You Were Here"


"The Boy from..."

"Animal in the Pit"

"I Do What I Can with What I Got"

"Adelaide's Lament"

"Something Wonderful"

Little Me

"Little Me" -- clip 1

"Little Me" -- clip 2

"On the Other Side of the Tracks" -- Slow Version

"On the Other Side of the Tracks" -- Fast Version


Guys & Dolls

"A Bushel and a Peck"

"Adelaide's Lament"

"Take Back Your Mink"

"Adelaide's Lament" (Reprise)

"Sue Me"

"Marry the Man Today"